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Members’ Forum

New Heidegger Circle members will receive an invitation to join the Heidegger Circle Forum.
(Please allow a little time to receive this invitation after we receive your dues payment.)
Forum messages can be received individually by e-mail, received as a daily digest by e-mail, or read on the Forum website (message board).

To send a message to the list, e-mail it to

Please note the statement on courtesy at the bottom of this page.

When you reply to a message from the list, by default your reply will go only to the person who wrote that message; to send it to the entire list, use the address provided above.

You may visit the Forum web site in order to change your message delivery preferences or read current and old discussions:


Heidegger Circle conference proceedings, bylaws, minutes, and research aids (such as bibliographies of Heidegger's texts and translations) are available through our Documents site, which is accessible only to members of the Forum:


Both of these sites are hosted by Google. Google uses your e-mail address to determine whether you are a current member of the Heidegger Circle. The e-mail address where you received your invitation message is the address under which you will be subscribed to the sites. If you would prefer to use a different e-mail address, just let me know at heidegger@goucher.edu. (It may be convenient for you to use a Gmail address, for instance.)

In order to identify yourself as a Heidegger Circle member when you visit our sites, you will need to log in to Google using the correct e-mail address. In the upper right corner of the pages, you should see whether you are logged in or not, and if you are logged in, which e-mail address you are using.

If you have never created a Google account associated with your Heidegger Circle e-mail address, you will need to create one here:


Again, the e-mail address where you received your invitation is the address under which you will be subscribed to the Forum and Documents sites, and is the address you should use if you need to create a Google account.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have a different Google account, which employs a different e-mail address, you may need to switch out of that account when you visit our sites, and sign in using the e-mail address that the sites recognize. This procedure will solve most problems with access to the sites.

If you have trouble, please ask me for help at heidegger@goucher.edu.

John Rose

Statement on Listserv Courtesy

The Heidegger Circle seeks to foster a healthy and inclusive on-line community that promotes thoughtful discussion on a variety of topics. Following Heidegger’s guiding principle for the Gesamtausgabe, “ways not works,” postings to the listserv should support and encourage the project of shared inquiry; on-line fora lack vibrancy when few participate or when participation is limited to the voicing of established positions.

While the Heidegger Circle assumes that members maintain a high level of professional courtesy when posting to the listserv, it seeks to promote the following attitudes:
  • the introduction of discussion threads formulated in a manner that encourages wide response
  • the spirit of shared goodwill guided by an openness to questioning and sense of invitation to others
  • the communication of active and mutual respect, especially in the context of disagreement
  • intellectual and textual rigor used to clarify ideas and basic assumptions rather than deployed as a weapon
Unacceptable behaviors include: overposting; ad hominem attacks; certain forms of sarcasm; flaming or baiting; the targeting of specific individuals rather than philosophical positions; and the publication of private e-mails. Listservs become unhealthy when the personal – in whatever form – becomes more important than the spirit of shared inquiry.

Removal from the listserv: Members can be removed from the listserv for violating the standards of professional courtesy and engaging in the unacceptable behaviors listed above. Members will receive a first warning issued by the Executive Committee asking them to address their behavior; following a second offense members will be asked to refrain from posting for a month. Repeated offenses – especially ad hominem attacks and those targeting specific individuals – can lead to longer term removal and possible expulsion from the listserv. The Secretary-Treasurer moderates the listserv and refers all questions of conduct to the Executive Committee. The Heidegger Circle does not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, or discrimination against gender non-conforming individuals.